Rotary engages in many wonderful projects locally and around the world. These projects are funded by Rotarians like you and friends through contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Your contributions are invested for three years, and then are made available to use for local and international projects through grants from our District and the Rotary Foundation.
   Our club was awarded a grant last year for our pollinator garden project. We have just been awarded a grant this year for up to $4500 toward our ImagineOne reading project. $3000 of our clubs funds toward the project will be matched by our District. We are in the process of securing several partner clubs in our District to help fund our project and allow for matching of their funds. In return, we also help these other clubs by contributing toward their projects. One other club is White Bear Lake, which has a terrific Uganda water project. We are in negotiation with two other clubs as well.
   For our reading project, we will start receiving funds from other clubs as early as August, and when our final grant is completed, we should receive full funds by this fall. Our project will still rely very heavily on our fundraising.  
   Others in the District have been very excited about our projects. Be sure and check out the pollinator garden on St. Andrews Drive at the east end of Country Club Estates Park.  It is a work in progress.  Gary Winters and Steph Putzier have put in a tremendous amount of time.  Also, continue to support and participate in our upcoming fundraisers and continue to support the Rotary Foundation with your contributions.  Participation by club members is key to making these projects work.
   Contact Don Putzier if you have questions about our grant process or about the Rotary Foundation.